Top row: Aralen Garcia, Draven Ybarra, Bernadette Nieto
Middle row: Henley Bowers, Cesar Serrato
Bottom row:  Isabelle Aparicio, Karen Tran Vu, Valeria Santamaria
Front row: Livvy Critendon, Bryan Churan, Dylan Herrera Flores
Middle row: Alesha Garcia, Salvador Ramirez
Bottom row: Natalie Stolz, Julian Reyes, Amaiya Williams
Top row: Mia Lopez, Christian Guajardo, Kevin Jimenez
Middle row: Tomas Lule, Alxekiel Lewis
Bottom row: Julissa Ortiz, Armando Guevara, Emalena Sanchez
In celebration of Computer Science Week, some students at Central Elementary participated in Hour of Code activities during library time. Hour of Code is an international event that promotes STEM education concepts like computational thinking and computer programming. #SharksCode
Parents of Central Elementary students can sign up for "Remind" to receive important text messages. PRE- K                  Text: @gkb2bd to the number 81010 KINDER               Text: @e69abc to the number 81010 1ST                        Text: @884dgg to the number 81010 2nd                        Text: @9h979c to the number 81010   Regístrese a la clase de Central Elementary en la aplicación de mensajes remind. PRE- K                  Envié este texto: @gkb2bd al siguiente nÚmero 81010 KINDER               Envié este texto: @e69abc al siguiente nÚmero 81010 1ST                        Envié este texto: @884dgg al siguiente nÚmero 81010 2nd                       Envié este texto: @9h979c al siguiente nÚmero 81010
Top row:
Aryan Guerrero, Valentin Paniagua, Aaron Cornejo
Middle row:
Joshua Sanchez, Dora Orozco
Bottom row:
Cesar Serrato, Angel Forcado, Evelyn Garcia
Young Audiences Music Program from Houston present at Central Elementary.  Thank you Ms. Rosie Brown for bringing great learning experiences to our students.
Top row:
Genesis Gomez, Shelby Greenawalt, Kayne Melancon
Middle row:
Cori Yarborough, Evelyn Forcado Hernandez
Bottom row:
Luke Guerrero, Reese Busby, Elijah Robledo
Click on the link HERE for the Red Ribbon Week Flyer with activities listed.