Book Fair Week @ Central Elementary’s Library


Tuesday-Parent Open House, Mar. 28, 3:30-7pm


Tuesday – Friday—March 28-31

Purchasing only.  A parent volunteer will collect 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade level students from ART, MUSIC, PE and COMPUTER and bring them down to the Book Fair.  PLEASE HAVE THE STUDENTS BRING THEIR MONEY WITH THEM TO ART, MUSIC, PE, LIBRARY and COMPUTER AT THE TIMES LISTED BELOW.   Kindergarten students will be collected from their rooms by a volunteer at the times listed below.


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday                                                                              Wednesday                                  

8:15-8:55      3rd grade                                                                                        8:10-9:10     2ndgrade

9:00-9:45      1st grade                                                                                                       9:10-10:15    Kinder

9:45-10:30    Kinder                                                                                                       10:15-11:15  3rd grade

10:45-11:45  2nd grade                                                                                   1:30-2:30       1st grade